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The Making of The Derado

The Derado

Imagine if you could wear a beautiful piece of jewellery that controlled your unique energy?

If by wearing it, you could magnify the energy around you, and gain power over your body and mind.

You would be your strongest self, your most intelligent self, your most sexual self.

You could explore your deepest desires with who, and whenever, you wanted.

You would be your most individual self: no connections; no attachment; no love.

You would be your own island. You could be in control of your own fire. No one could douse it. No one could dim it.

Protecting and magnifying individual energy is at the heart of Tandro life. They live by this individual energy philosophy. It is their purpose.

The Derado is the key: the coloured diamond neckpiece that all Tandroists wear.

If you lived on Tandro, your sixteenth birthday would be the most important day of your life. This is the day you would be given your Derado: the day you learned of your diamond energy colour; the day you could finally become the master of your fire.

The Making of The Derado

Back in 2016 when I was completing the end of Book One, where the diamond link between the two planets is revealed, I felt it was imperative that I travel to Cape Town.

My aim: to soak up some Table Mountain energy and find the best designer for the key diamond neck piece that connects the story together - The Derado!

As soon as I met Johan Louw, Head Designer at Uwe Koetter, it was clear that a beautiful and unique neck piece would soon be born. We had both drawn the same design for the pendant: a diamond within an eye! Johan then set about creating a stunning piece of jewellery to incorporate individual energy and colour. Ever the pioneer, Johan wanted to ensure the neck piece could be made to match the colour energy of the wearer, and felt the best way to do this would be to introduce Niobium into the design.

An Innovative energy design - Niobium

Niobium is a type of metal which can present its appearance in different colours according to the electric currents that are charged through it. It is the perfect metal for a planet dominated by energy colour!

The triangular inserts on this design have been charged to present as a beautiful pink shade.

The video at the start of this post shows the incredible detail and experimentation involved in the making of the first prototype. It took two years to make from design to the production of the final piece. An awful lot of energy went into making it! But it was worth it.

The Derado can be custom designed to match your individual colour energy. Not everyone is drawn to pink!

Take the quiz below to find out what diamond colour energy represents you and what your Derado would look like? Contact Naomi Diamonds or Uwe Koetter for more details on the book series and creating a Derado just for you.

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