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Naomi E Lloyd is a dynamic creator, seamlessly blending her roles as an author, photographer, and podcaster.


With a passion for storytelling that spans across genres, her dystopian fantasy novels, including the captivating “Tandro Series” and the darkly seductive “Death Kiss Saga,” transport readers to worlds both fantastical and hauntingly familiar.


In her debut podcast series, “How to Belong,” Naomi extends her creative reach, inviting listeners to join her on a journey of self-discovery and resilience. Through heartfelt conversations with guests who have navigated their own hero journeys, she explores the profound realisation that true belonging can only ever be found from within.


Beyond her literary pursuits, Naomi is an advocate for the deaf and hearing loss community, drawing from her own experience with sensorineural hearing loss to champion the cause of self-acceptance and belonging.


With each endeavour, Naomi E Lloyd embodies the transformative power of storytelling and advocacy, offering a beacon of hope and inspiration for those seeking connection, acceptance, and belonging in a sometimes, lonely world.

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