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Naomi E Lloyd

Naomi lives in Portsmouth, Hampshire, with her husband and two boys . She is a writer, photographer, and charitable ambassador for YouCanFree.Us, which focuses on rescuing trafficked women. 


Following The Dream!  Naomi's Thoughts:

I grew up with a mother who plastered the downstairs toilet with feel-good positive sayings on pretty little cards she blu- tacked around the walls. Everyone in our house knew them off by heart. They were ingrained in your very psyche. From Walt Disney's  mantra :"If you dream if you can do it"; to the classic "Desiderata" poem, urging you to be on good terms with all persons, there was no escaping these motivational quotes. I think I took it to heart more than the rest of our family members though. I even took over a school assembly at the age of sixteen, where I themed the whole half hour on this concept of believing in your dreams, full of stories of good and bad dreams that have shaped history: from Mandela reaching his dream of building a rainbow nation; to Hitler, causing disasters with his dream of an Aryan nation. It all came down to a simple word, or perhaps two, whichever way you choose to look at it -  a 'dream' or a 'desire' . When the desire for a dream is big enough, nothing will stand in its way.


I have played with these ideas for years and have been, at times, if I am being honest, a little frustrated. There is nothing more irritating than hearing someone talk about having a dream over and over again and then not actually going ahead and making the steps to achieve it.  I wanted to be a photographer - I set up my photography business and I love it and all the experiences it has, and continues, to bring to me - but....and it is a big 'but' super dream, the really big one...was always to be a writer. And it is.....Enjoy!

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