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Parallel Diamond Love Story!

From the moment I picked up a notebook and wrote the title: The Tandro Connections, I felt pulled along by an energy that had a power I wasn't really in control of. A feeling I have no doubt most writers and artists can empathise with this!

But what I didn't realise at the time, that as I was busy writing about a love triangle between parallel worlds, I was also creating a parallel world for myself: a diamond parallel world!

Because diamonds and their connection to the energy of each individual is a paramount theme in the Tandro stories. The more I wrote, the stronger this energy connection between the diamonds and the people on Tandro became. I quickly decided that I needed to delve deeper into this connection; one I could feel existed between people and diamonds. And what transpired, was the most extraordinary journey into the world of diamonds and a whole new philosophy! One that I have written throughout the books: A Diamond Philosophy!


It is a Different Diamond Perspective: a belief that by truly understanding the diamond we can learn lessons about our love connections: about bonds, journeys and reactions. It is about digging deeper than surface sparkle to find value that is unbreakable.

I have been very lucky to connect with diamond companies all over the world throughout my research and in doing so have been able to write a diamond philosophy non-fiction book in parallel to the Tandro Connections! As incredulous as this may seem, it has been invaluable to the emotional writing within Tandro. For as a wedding photographer and writer, I have always seen connections between journeys, bonds and reactions. What I had not realised until recently, was just how much a diamond's journey parallels those we experience ourselves : pressure to achieve perfection; our reactions to new energies that can make us light up; how making tight bonds with others we become stronger; the and long unexpected journeys that we all must embark on before we find our light, our true colours and our ultimate connection with another.


We think of diamonds as unbreakable but it is actually quite easy to break a diamond; you just have to find its weak point.

It is the same with a love connection, and of course, it follows that it is the same with a family connection too.

In an over-connected digital world it is harder than ever to keep tightly bonded with those you love. Why? Because those weak points are so much more visible in an online world. Desire is a powerful energy. It always has been. But when you make an energy like desire more accessible, it becomes more dangerous to avoid. The cracks can appear!

When agents from Tandro target vulnerable families like the Barretts - who need their medical help so desperately - their cracks are the easiest ones to manipulate.

The Tandro connections is about a family whose bonds are given the ultimate test. It is also about the inner resilience that we all share with diamonds too - the strength that people can reveal when put under pressure and how our reactions to new energies may show our weaknesses, they can also show our true colours and light; just like a diamond!

Writing a New Philosophy! Uwe Koetter: South Africa

It is an honour that South Africa's most awarded jeweller, Uwe Koetter, have chosen to use my diamond philosophy as the inspiration for their 50th anniversary celebrations.

Please see the link to their dedicated page about this and the beautiful Derado Neck Piece they have designed for the Tandro Connections Book Series:

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