“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

In Tandro, they are ruled by a totalitarian dictator, Hedler, who believes, as his descendants before him did, that in order to maintain control over people you need to control their desire; that attachment and family/love connections are a stranglehold to peace and harmony.

The people of Tandro are all given their own Derados at the age of sixteen which allows them to exchange sexual energy connections between mutually consenting individuals, whether male, female, old or young. It is a paradox of control and freedom. You can choose your desires without inhibition or fear of breaking any moral code, but you must not become attached or break the rules of Hedler. The Tandro mantra is :

"All Obey - All Desires Fulfilled."

The Derado is a bespoke necklace, reminiscent of an Egyptian Collar, with a diamond pendant at its core, which varies in colour according to the individuals' energy aura. When the diamond is pressed at the right time by the owner, it releases their sexual energy aura so it can connect with another's energy aura and allow them to exchange sexual interaction, without the need for touch.

As well as providing sexual desire control amongst the people of Tandro, the Derados also store up energies which increase life span for the Tandroists. The average life span in Tandro is 175 years, but as Hedler himself turns 155 years old, his obsession with finding the energy needed in order to increase his own life span and create longevity becomes irrational. He sends his key agents to Earth in the hope that if they engage in physical sexual interactions with people on Earth and generate a higher form of energy- the energy which comes from human emotions- it will be enough to create the surge of power he needs within the Derados to achieve this longevity. As the story, unfolds, this will ultimately create a huge fissure in the structure of Tandro control and it will be the love energy between Stefanie and Jovil which will be the root cause of this.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter Six where Parador, one of the Tandro agents, meets with Stefanie, to give her the bespoke Derado she will need to wear during her exchange meeting with Jovil, so she can generate the energy Hedler requires from her and secure the medical treatment Stefanue needs for her son:

Excerpt from Chapter Six:

“Jovil was most impressed by you Mrs Millican. Please do not worry that he or I are accessing your thoughts when we converse with you. It is much more difficult for us to do this with humans as you have many barriers to us. I am not invading your mind now, I can merely sense an unease in you on hearing of our powers and want to offer you some reassurance. Are you happy for me to explain the Derado to you and what it will mean to you when you see Jovil again?”

Stefanie nodded and shifted in her seat, relieved that Rachel had not yet returned with their drinks, preferring to concentrate on the information that she needed to hear from Parador.

“Jovil observed that you have a very strong pink aura, your energy field which we can see around you. It is only faint to our eyes but when you wear your Derado, which has been programmed for you, it will allow the full strength of this aura to be released. Are you familiar with the concept of energy fields surrounding physical bodies?”

“A little bit I guess but most of us are quite skeptical about such things. What does my pink aura mean? I assume the colour must carry a meaning with it?”

“Very good, Mrs Millican,yes the colour is important….”

“Please, Parador, please do call me Stefanie. If we are going to talk about such personal things then I am sure we can use first names.”

“Of course, Stefanie. I am happy to do that. So, you asked me about the meaning of your colour aura? Pinks are quite unusual in Tandro because they are one the most emotional and loving types which does not always work well with the way our Planet is governed but it is this energy that is most needed by Hedler. You will have no problem creating enough emotional energy for your Derado with this type of aura.

Parador, reached into her bag again, this time to pull out a purple squared box with the letter “T” embossed on the front. She handed the box to Stefanie but did not release it from her own grip when Stefanie put her hands on it.

“Please do not open it here as we are not in a secure place. Your Derado is inside this box. Only you can open it, which you can do by pressing your right thumb on the square symbol underneath. It has been programmed for you only and will only activate when you are with Jovil on Saturday. He will show you how to do this when the time is right. You can wear it before then if you choose to, as long as you are in the security of your home, which we have vetted. Is this all making sense?”

Stefanie nodded as Parador released the box into Stefanie’s hand and sat back in her chair before continuing, “The helicopter will take you to a secret location in the south cost waters of your country. I believe it to be, what you call, a man-made island fort, which your people built over a century ago for maritime war protection. The Ministry of Defence has released it to us for a temporary period in agreement between our senior leaders. It is ideal for our needs for privacy as it can only be reached by helicopter or boats we have approved.”

Rachel came over at this point, balancing ice cold plastic cups of peach-coloured smoothies in her hands. “Hope you both like the mango flavour. It’s a personal favourite of mine. You guys keep talking, don’t mind me.” Rachel sat herself next to Stefanie and placed her hand of Stefanie’s shoulder to give her a reassuring squeeze. The mention of a helicopter ride to a secret location in the sea made the prospect of her impending meeting even more daunting, making the return of her friend a welcome one. Stefanie turned to Rachel.

“Did you meet Bermoss at this fort too Rachel?”

“I did yes and it is an unbelievable place. You will feel safe there and there are some amazing surprises too.” Rachel glanced over at Parador, her eyebrows raised as if to ask a question, “I don’t think I’m allowed to say too much though,am I Parador?”

Parador looked more serious then, “No, if you do not mind Mrs Richards…sorry, Rachel…we prefer to let the research subjects have natural reactions to their experiences and avoid too many preconceived ideas. What I can tell you though, Stefanie is that Jovil will look after you very well and you will hopefully find the meeting an enjoyable one. We are here to learn from you too."

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