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A Diamond Journey

The story behind the making of

The Tandro Series

What is a Diamond Philosophy?

It is a Unique Diamond Perspective: a belief that by truly understanding the diamond we can learn valuable lessons : about bonds, journeys and reactions. It is about digging deeper than surface sparkle to find pure authentic value within ourselves - one that is unbreakable.


My Diamond Journey

During my research for “The Tandro Series” I immersed myself in the fascinating and magical world of diamonds. By interviewing leading international jewellery designers, gemologists, celebrities and inspirational people and charitable organisations, I have gathered together some wonderful stories and perspectives on Earth’s most valued gems: diamonds and people.

It is these stories and themes that I have embedded into each of the Tandro stories. From Tiegal’s search for to find love in book one, to Erin’s heartbreak as pesky Parador makes it her mission to prove that she can break her diamond family, in books two and three, the characters must all embark on their personal journey to finding light and transformation.


As a photographer and a writer of romance, this book series is a dream to work on. It is a unique exploration into the parallelism between diamonds and people. From a genre perspective, it is a coming of age sci-fi fantasy adventure, but I hope the hidden messages I have weaved within the story will take the reader on a journey to explore the connections we share with diamonds and the lessons that diamonds can teach us: about human relationships, patience, pressure and how by creating strong connections with others we can reflect positive light into darker corners of the world.

The Tandro story continues in book four, which I am working on, alongside a non-fiction book about my diamond journey to write this book and how discovering the parallels we share with diamonds has changed my life for the better. An unexpected spiritual journey that forced me to face demons in my past and ultimately brought about a deeper sense of understanding, peace and joy.


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