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Tiegal has always felt she was different on Tandro. She possesses advanced sensory powers: she can taste names; detect the scent in another's energy; read the thoughts her fellow Tandroans thought they had hidden.

Oh, and not to forget her ability to transport to another world and another time!


Her Energy Colour- Pink

 Scent - Velvet roses and wild blueberries

Taste: to those with this ability, it tastes of red grapes!

Distinguishing feature:  her  eye-light reflects a heart!


Has a dominant pink aura.  People with these auras are romantic and by nature loving and giving and love to be loved. They are  strong willed and highly disciplined and by nature have strong  values and morals which they seldom deviate from. Once they have found their soulmate they usually stay faithful, loving and loyal for life.


They hate injustice and strive to make the world a better place. They will make personal sacrifices in pursuit of this ideal

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