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The Derado

Designed by Johan Louw, award winning designer at Uwe Koetter, Cape Town.

This is a pink energy design to represent both Tiegal (Book One) and Stefanie’s (Book Two) characters - as they both have an unusually emotional energy.  The collar is made from rose gold with niobium triangular inserts embedded within it. Niobium is a type of metal which can present itself in different colours according to electric currents that are charged through it.  For Stefanie’s Derado, the triangular inserts will appear to shine as a beautiful pink shade. 

In Tandro, Stefanie is considered to be worthy of a pink diamond. This would be set within the eye of the pendant which she can then press to release her unique energy colour.

For the Tandroans, their Derado is unique to them. The colour of the diamond they wear is matched to their unique energy so they can release their distinct energy colour.


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