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What would you do if you had to let your wife be with another man for the day - in order to save you

People who are following the chapters of Book One have been asking me to hear more from Stefanie's husband, Robert. They want to know how he feels when he is faced with the impossible decision to let his wife spend the day with a Tandro agent in order to secure the medical treatment they need for their critically ill son, Lyndon.

It is so good for me, as an author, to hear this and to know that the characters and their dilemma is capturing the imagination of my readers.

I wanted to share this on my blog. This is Robert's piece:

"What would do if you thought you had the perfect life and then a door to another universe was opened – one that threatened everything you had ever worked for? If you finally had all your ducks neatly set in a row, a perfect order you had so carefully planned to put in place, and it was destroyed in one moment – a moment you had no control over, from a force you never had a chance of competing with.

I had never been one of those men who liked to stand on a platform and martyr myself for becoming a success story despite all adversity – the ideal American rags to riches story the media was always so desperate for me to share. It was and never will be my style. I had never been able to rely on anyone from the day I was born and rejected by my own parents. But how could you miss something you had never known in the first place? It had always been my-self and no one else to look out for in those early days in the unpredictable foster homes I was jostled about between. It had been the key to my success in fighting for a place within government rankings. I never depended on anyone else nor trusted anyone if my instinct warned me not to. I was a solid unit of one and happy that way.

That all changed the day I met my wife, my Stefanie. I knew - from the first moment I laid eyes on her, that she was my girl. It was as simple as that. Everything I had sworn I would never do on my life’s list was re-written in that very moment.

I saw it in my mind that we would be together; that we would be each other’s biggest fans and make our dreams come true together.

What occupies our thoughts often turns into reality. Our subconscious drives us to reach these visions. If you see it, you believe it and then you make it happen. I believed I would be someone of importance one day, despite starting off with so little; to become someone who had to make big decisions that would shape the lives of others, and for the better.

I believed Stefanie and I would be together forever, that I could show her she deserved the life we could make together. And for a while she did. We were happy….until ….she was given a choice - a choice that I had no way of preventing her from making.

What would you do if you had to let your wife go and be with another man for a day – in order to save your child?

I had no power when that door was opened. The balls were all in her court and she had to choose the way she wished to play the game. All I could do was stand back and watch those beautiful ducks fall out of line.

Or rather, that was what I should have done."

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