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Stage Mist


With one kiss I can see when, where and how you will die.

Some would call it a gift. But not me. 

My death kiss is a curse that has branded me a witch, with no human rights, and has turned me into the most wanted girl on earth. 

Why? Because in a world where a vicious movement of sadistic killers are murdering random people to stop overpopulation, my kiss holds the power for salvation.

And makes me a prime target for abduction.

Which is where I am now. Captured by three brothers, burning with grief after witnessing my parents’ murder, and tormented with fear of what is yet to come…

For something doesn’t add up.

I’m trapped inside a deadly game of kiss and tell, but I know there’s a darker agenda at play.

What it is? I just hope I can live to find out.


Death Kiss is an adult, dark fantasy, romance novel which draws you into a world of magic, deception, seductive twists, and desire.

Get your copy of Death Kiss HERE

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