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Book One - The Tandro Series

Like most families, the Barrett's thought they were indestructible. Like the composition of a diamond, they were tightly bonded atoms that could not be broken apart - a rugby scrum that could never collapse.


But you can break a diamond - you just have to find its weak point .

The news that 11-year old Lyndon's chances of surviving a critical illness has reached crisis point reveals the perfect cleavage plane for an outside force to split the family apart. For when Anna and Adam learn there is a way to save their son they cannot ignore it; even though this "miracle" opportunity comes with a price:


Anna must agree to spend an energy exchange day, with an agent from Tandro; an exchange she agrees to but will lead her to ultimately betray her family and break their bonds.

A story about the power of family love to stay bonded against

an out-of-this-world energy that threatens to tear them apart

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